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At L&C Harding Plumbing, we understand that plumbing problems at your commercial business can impact your profits, potentially preventing your business from operating as usual.

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L&C Harding Plumbing are also highly experienced in roofing, able to cover all your roof replacement requirements from single story buildings to 5 stories.

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Sheet Metal & Fabrication

L&C Harding Plumbing employ a team skilled in a diverse range of fields, including sheet metal fabrication. Melbourne tradesmen and companies looking for high quality sheet metal can...

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Carpentry & Maintenance

Don’t let the name fool you: L&C Harding Plumbing are skilled at more than just pluming. We also have the capability to conduct building maintenance across Melbourne, including Sunshine...

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L&C Harding Plumbing is a licensed and registered Master Plumber that offers complete Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Services in Melbourne. We are a versatile company operating in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs, and we offer complete solutions for all types of PLUMBING, ROOFING, BUILDING, AND SHEET METAL FABRICATION jobs.

Established for over 45 years, L&C Harding Plumbing has been a part of the Master Plumbers Association for over 35 years, servicing Melbourne’s Metro and beyond.

We can assist with a diverse range of services with our team of qualified licensed and insured tradesmen. We specialise in backflow testing and general plumbing services and sheet metal fabrication.

We have been working with some of Melbourne’s largest companies over the past 40 years. We have earned an excellent reputation for integrity and top quality workmanship in every project. We provide accurate and cost-saving solutions for our clients, meeting new demands using technologically advanced tooling and equipment for plumbing, roofing, building, and sheet metal fabrication.

We make it is easier for our clients because at L&C Harding Plumbing we can do more, and our reputation is our pride.

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