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LC Harding Plumbing has been established for over 45 years, working with some of Melbourne’s largest companies as a licensed and registered Master Plumber for complete Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Services. This has been made possible because of the working relationship that we have with our clients, from past to present. Our reputation is our pride and our clients are always top priority.

We have grown from working at our home premises into our factory located in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne which we had setup in 2012. We are a company that is driven to work with uncompromising standards, making sure that our end goal is to deliver excellent and cost-effective solutions for all types of PLUMBING, ROOFING, BUILDING, and SHEET METAL FABRICATION jobs.

We are known for our versatility and we can assist with a diverse range of services with our team of qualified licensed and insured tradesmen. We specialise in backflow testing and general plumbing services and sheet metal fabrication.

At LC Harding Plumbing, we follow the OH&S Australian Standards and we use the latest technology and modern equipment for all jobs in order to provide long term solutions and high quality workmanship for plumbing, roofing, building, and sheet metal fabrication.