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The Advantages of a Well-Maintained Pipeline

12 May 2022

A well-maintained pipeline plays an important role in any successful business. It is one of the things those big businessesprioritise, they always make sure that they invest in pipelines that work efficiently and safely. Ensuring that their pipeline will never fail them and that it works perfectly well for a long time, they have it maintained and cleaned regularly. Regular inspection and repair to maintain the integrity of the pipeline and its other components. Therefore, big businesses focus their attention on prevention to avoid incurring a much higher replacement expense. You must know the importance of keeping your pipeline in […]

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The Dangers of DIY Roof Replacement and Why You Should Leave It to the Experts

27 April 2022

We all know that a roof failure is the last thing that every household wants to experience. Roofing professionals are there for a reason. Roofing professional fixes your roof defects with ease and expertise. The possible big cost of roof repair or replacement may tempt you to do the fixing all by yourself. But you must consider that your roof at home is your first line of defence against any harsh weather condition and you cannot take the risk of doing a DIY roof repair or replacement. In this article we will give you the dangers of DIY roof replacement […]

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The Importance of Preventive Maintenance in Fire Mains and Hydrant Systems

08 April 2022

The primary objective of maintaining the best and safe condition of your fire mains and hydrant systems is to maintain their good working condition and ensure that they can provide rapid access to water when a fire suddenly breaks out.A regular annual inspection is highly recommended and defects should be immediately reported for repairs to be done as soon as possible. If you own a fire main and hydrant system at home, here is the importance of preventive maintenance for you to keep in mind. Ensure Good Working Condition Doing preventive maintenance in fire mains and hydrant systems ensures their […]

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Backflow Testing: What is It and Why Is It Necessary?

30 March 2022

Backflow preventers are devices in the plumbing system that make sure the water only moves in one direction. They prevent sewage and other debris from flowing back up the pipes and into the building. This is important for keeping harmful contaminants from entering the drinkable water supply. Backflow testing makes sure that the water is flowing in the right direction. What Causes Backflow? Backflow occurs from two different conditions. The contaminated water can either be pulled or pushed into the clean water system. Either of these conditions can cause the water to change directions. Let’s explore both of them. Backsiphonage […]

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Essential Guide to Sheet Metal Fabrication: What L&C Harding Can Do for You

09 March 2022

Sheet metal fabrication is a specialized field, and only a few select companies have the experience to provide custom fabrication. L & C Plumbing has over 40 years of sheet metal fabrication experience, and we can do the “unique” jobs that others cannot. Let’s see what we can do for you.   Pipes and Pipe Fittings We provide plumbing services, and we know that sometimes you need a custom fitting or pipe that is not standard. This can especially be the case with older or historical buildings. Industrial and commercial buildings often have specialized fittings and pipes that can be […]

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