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Why Backflow Testing is Non-Negotiable for Plumbing Safety

27 February 2024

Understand the critical importance of backflow testing for plumbing safety in Melbourne. Protect water quality with our experts at L&C Harding. Call us now! Clean drinking water is something we often take for granted in Melbourne. However, without proper plumbing safeguards, contaminants can enter the water supply and pose health hazards. One critical procedure that prevents this is backflow testing. It validates that backflow prevention devices are working properly to maintain potable water safety. Understanding the risks of backflow highlights why testing is so important. Let’s explore what’s at stake, how backflow testing provides peace of mind, and how plumbers […]

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Warehouse Steel Roofing Installation: Covering Assets with Quality Roofing Systems

12 February 2024

Enhance asset protection with warehouse steel roofing installation from L&C Harding Plumbing. Pick the best roofing system in Melbourne. Call 1800 426 664. Is your warehouse roof protecting your assets effectively? As a business owner, one of your top priorities is to ensure the safety and security of your valuable inventory and equipment. Choosing the right roofing system for your warehouse is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the long-term success and efficiency of your operations. When it comes to durability, cost-effectiveness, and longevity, steel roofing installation emerges as the optimal choice for warehouses. The Advantages of Steel Roofing […]

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Electrofusion Pipe Fittings: Redefining Pipe Joining Standards in Industrial Settings

25 January 2024

Experience unmatched pipe joining standards in industrial settings with electrofusion pipe fittings from L&C Harding Plumbing in Melbourne. Call 1800 426 664. Electrofusion fittings are a type of fitting that is used in gas and water pipes. There are different sizes of these fittings, and they are made to make a strong joint and even spread. There are water-specific electrofusion fittings indispensable for optimising a variety of water systems. You can also get one that is made just for gas. There are a lot of different kinds of electrofusion pipe fittings. That’s why it’s important to find the right one […]

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Commercial Gas Pipe Installation Services: Leak Prevention Safety Tips

10 January 2024

Discover expert commercial gas pipe installation services in Melbourne with L&C Harding Plumbing. Learn safety tips from our experts. Call 1800 426 664. The proper installation and maintenance of gas pipes are paramount for the safety and well-being of occupants in commercial spaces. L&C Harding Plumbing offers exceptional commercial gas pipe installation services in Melbourne that highly emphasise safety. Here are some crucial leak prevention safety tips to keep in mind when dealing with commercial gas pipe installations. Professional Installation is Key The foundation of a safe gas pipe system begins with professional installation. Engaging experienced professionals, such as L&C […]

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Commercial Plumbing Services and Tips for Summer Renovations in Melbourne

08 December 2023

Ensure smooth summer renovations in Melbourne with our commercial plumbing services and expert tips from L&C Harding & Plumbing. Call 1800 426 664 now! Summer is the ideal season for business renovations in Melbourne. With the pleasant weather and longer daylight hours, it’s a perfect time to breathe new life into your commercial space. However, when planning your renovation project, don’t overlook the importance of incorporating plumbing considerations. From ensuring water efficiency to maintaining a comfortable working environment, here are five guidelines on how to include plumbing in your summer renovation project: 1. Water-Efficient Fixtures Incorporating water-efficient fixtures into your […]

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