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How to Fix Blockage on Storm Water Drainage Systems?

12 April 2023

Stormwater is the rainwater runoff drains from a residential or commercial building site. Stormwater includes any runoff from the land that enters gutters and all the water collected by the building’s roof gutters, downpipes, and drains. As a responsible commercial property owner, you should ensure to maintain your stormwater infrastructure, so if you detect any problems such as overflowing gutters, blocked downpipes or flooding, you should contact the experts at L&C Harding Plumbing to fix them immediately. Heavy rain will make any stormwater issues you may have more visible.

Addressing Blocked Storm Water Drainage Systems

Sewer and stormwater drainage pipes have started to transition from 100mm to 90mm in diameter in recent years, making them more prone to blockages. Sadly, most newly constructed buildings during the past few years are likely equipped with 90mm stormwater drains, many of which were not installed entirely following the guidelines. As a result, they typically have more issues. The smaller diameter makes them slightly more difficult to clear, but if you have these pipes, the knowledgeable staff at L&C Harding Plumbing will address any concerns you may have and manage your expectations.

We have the tools and knowledge to help keep your stormwater flowing smoothly. We will initially speak with you on the phone to acquire a detailed description of the blockage because we want to resolve the issue quickly. This helps identify potential causes so that, when we arrive at your site, we can assess the problem immediately and choose the best course of action for more investigation.

Is It Possible to Reline Storm Water Drainage Pipes?

Don’t give up if your stormwater drainage system has some damage. If stormwater pipes are in good enough shape, relining may be an alternative to replacement. There won’t be any disruption to your landscapes or pathways because no digging is required.

The liner is carefully guided into position after being trimmed to size and pulled into your existing pipes through designated entry points. After that, the liner is inflated and kept in a position to cure. After the liner has dried, it provides a structural stability that matches that of new pipes, if not surpasses them. Relining your stormwater pipes comes with a lifetime warranty, and it is strongly advised to maintain the functionality of your stormwater system.

How to Prevent Blockage on Storm Water Drainage Systems?

You can take easy steps on your property to lessen pollutants entering our waterways and prevent blockages in your stormwater systems. You can remove any debris, like leaves and grass clippings, that might get swept into storm drains, keep any gravel and dirt on your property, and take precautions to keep it from washing away. Keep your septic system well-maintained to avoid leaks if you have one. These are just a few of the many preventative measures you can take to assist in keeping your stormwater drainage systems clear of obstructions.

Don’t risk your commercial property damage during the next heavy downpour. Call us at 1800 426 664 or fill out our online enquiry form to speak with one of our helpful staff members about your stormwater drainage needs.