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5 Signs You Need to Call L&C Harding Plumbing to Upgrade Your Plumbing

24 October 2022

A new plumbing fixture or appliance can get pricey. However, there are times when you will be obligated to replace your plumbing. Otherwise, you risk having a flooded home or having to pay for more expensive repairs.

We’ll go over the typical signs that it’s time for your to call the expert plumbers of L & C Harding Plumbing to upgrade your plumbing system.

Experiencing Low Water Pressure

Clogs and leaks may impact the water pressure in your plumbing system. If only one faucet has a problem with low water pressure, it’s probably a fixture issue. Call our licenced plumbers for leak detection if all faucets have low water pressure. Your plumbing most likely has a leak or a clog somewhere. Keep an eye on your water bills because they indicate whether or not you have plumbing leaks. Leaks must be fixed immediately to avoid paying for an expensive repair. To fix the issue, our L & C Harding Plumbing plumber will advise you to upgrade your plumbing.

Your Piping Material Are Old

Do you reside in an old structure? Iron or galvanised steel may still be used to make the plumbing pipes. Galvanized pipes have a lifespan of up to 100 years, but they are susceptible to corrosion. Typically, PVC, brass, or copper are installed in modern homes. Because they are less prone to corrosion, they are perfect for homes. PVC can last up to 45 years, and copper can last up to 80 years. Please don’t hesitate to use our expert plumbing services to help determine what kind of pipes to install in your new house.

Signs of Water Discoloration

The water turns brown when the pipes corrode. Additionally, the mineral deposits could clog your pipes and cause a serious plumbing emergency. You can request a plumbing inspection from L & C Harding Plumbing. The best solutions to solve the issue long-term can be given to you by our plumbers. We might request that you replace all of your plumbing pipes.

Signs of Leaks

A leak in your plumbing system may be indicated by skyrocketing water bills, damaged walls and ceilings, mould growth, and low water pressure. Get professional plumbing help so our plumber can advise you on whether an upgrade is necessary. When you upgrade your plumbing, you can avoid severe issues that will cost you more money.

Needing Frequent Repairs

If you call a plumber repeatedly for repairs, you might want to consider upgrading instead. Buying a new appliance or fixture will be more cost-effective because repair costs can add up quickly. When an appliance becomes inefficient, you might also think about upgrading. For instance, if your dishwasher can no longer clean your dishes efficiently, buying an energy-efficient dishwasher can help you save more money.

Do you require plumbing services in Melbourne? Our plumbers are available to help at any time! We can assist you in determining whether it’s time to replace a plumbing fixture or appliance. We’ll thoroughly inspect the unit and offer you the top plumbing solutions.

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