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Commercial Roofing Downspouts and Gutter Repair: When to Call for Help?

14 September 2020

The accumulation of rainwater at the bottom part of any building often damages its foundation, causes soil erosion, damages plant roots, and causes water pooling in the basement. And so, to prevent these things from happening, property owners install roofing downspouts and gutter and maintain them regularly. With these components, any rainwater is transferred and directed away from the property.

Most commercial building owners utilise these roofing components because of their associated benefits. Additionally, these components can ensure that their daily operations will not be affected in the long run. However, there will be times where repairs for roofing downspouts and gutters must take place to avoid further deterioration. If you want to know when to call for professional help, then here are some signs that you must look out for.

Leaking Gutters

If your commercial building is situated near trees, then there will be times where branches may fall off or touch the surface of your gutters. Sharp branches can sometimes infiltrate the surface of your gutters, leaving them with holes that allow rainwater to just leak. Rust can also likewise damage your gutters and cause leaking problems. Once you have determined that your gutters are indeed leaking, then call for professional help right away so they can fix or replace them.

Ineffective Downspouts

Downspouts are intended to transport rainwater to its intended destination, as long as it is far from the foundation and structure of the property. However, if you noticed that there is an accumulation of water around your foundation, then you better check the condition of your downspouts. Downspouts that are too short and are not angled correctly will certainly allow water to just run toward your property foundation. Professionals will be glad to fix this problem by adjusting or repairing your downspouts.

Uneven Gutters

Water that is drained towards a sagging, uneven gutter will be stuck there for a long time. As more water comes in, this specific part of the gutter might sag more, which can cause more problems in the future. With the continuous accumulation of water, your gutters might start to pull away from your property, making it impossible for the water to be drained away. Sagging, uneven gutters can likewise cause leaks once some parts of it start to break. If you have uneven gutters, then you must immediately call for help.

Loose Downspouts

Aside from uneven gutters, downspouts and their components might also start to get loose. Loose downspouts are usually caused by the accumulation of leaves, sticks, and other debris inside these components. This accumulation only happens if the downspouts and the whole roof components are not properly cleaned and maintained. Once every debris is removed, then a professional must reattach them to the side of the commercial property.

Corrosion and Mildew

The paint and coating layer of gutters and downspouts might both wear off over time. Without any follow-up painting and coating, these components will be easily exposed to moisture and other elements that can cause corrosion. Aside from corrosion, both gutters and downspouts may also be exposed to mildew growth, which can be unsightly and unhealthy for you and other people inside the commercial facility. Just like other problems above, the presence of corrosion and mildew also calls for professional repair.

If your commercial roofing downspouts and gutter manifest these problems, then you really need to contact a professional who can conduct key repairs and replacements. These repairs might be costly, but they can fully protect your commercial building from getting more costly damages.