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Do’s and Don’ts for Maintaining a Functional Plumbing System for Your Home

07 June 2021

Although it’s not the most glamorous aspect of your home, maintaining your plumbing system is an important part of your overall home health. Follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts in your daily life to keep your plumbing system as functional as possible, and forestall plumbing system line issues.


Use Drain Strainers for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Shower Drains

Using drain strainers helps to forestall large food scraps, foreign objects, hair, and different materials from obstructing your pipes. Forestalling excess waste to enter your pipes helps with drainage, yet additionally helps the health of your plumbing system lines.

Run Water While Using the Garbage Disposal

Running water while using the garbage disposal helps to keep your disposal from jamming. Jammed disposal can lead to stopped up pipes and/or plumbing system line because food scraps not being adequately separated.

Call a Professional Plumber to Fix And Inspect Your Plumbing System Line

If you sense an issue with your plumbing or don’t have the foggiest idea about the last time it was inspected, call a professional. Attempting to discover a DIY solution can additionally worsen an issue, or even harm your plumbing system. Calling a plumbing professional for an inspection is the safest choice for a plumbing system line complication or question.


Flush Anything Besides Toilet Paper

To forestall pipe blockage, do not flush any materials aside from bathroom tissue and waste. Although many wipes are labelled as ‘flushable’ they can still obstruct and damage your pipes and plumbing system line.

Dump Grease or Oils

Fats, grease, and oils can coat the inside of your pipes and harden as they dry. To avoid obstructing your drains, and plumbing system line, empty grease and oil into a container, not your sink, after cooking and wipe excess grease off with a paper towel before washing your dishes.

Dump Chemicals

Regular household chemicals and cleaning products can slaughter off the essential bacteria required in plumbing system systems, as well as eat away at your home’s pipes. To appropriately dispose of chemicals, adhere to the packaging instructions, or your district’s disposal guidelines.

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