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General Plumbing Services: The Difference Between ABS and PVC Pipes

08 September 2022

Both homeowners and plumbers utilise plastic pipes in their plumbing installations for various reasons. Plastic pipes are lightweight, affordable, and never corrode. They perform a remarkable job of maintaining the temperature of hot water, and unlike many metal pipes, they don’t gather condensation from cold water. However, ABS and PVC, the two most popular types of plastic pipe, have particular key distinctions that set them apart.

But not everyone is aware of how the two differ from one another. Based on the specifications of your property, only a skilled plumber like L&C Harding Plumbing can advise you on the type of pipes that would be most appropriate for your plumbing needs. Both pipes are widely utilised for new construction and replacement but understanding their variances will help you better understand each pipe’s unique characteristics.


Vinyl chloride components are polymerised to create PVC pipes. On the other hand, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is used to make ABS pipes. The PVC pipes are made of solid plastic, to put it simply. Because of this, the pipes are rigid and extremely sturdy.

Although a layer of foam is sandwiched between two plastic layers to create the ABS pipes, they are still made of plastic. The ABS pipes are more manoeuvrable and lighter than steel pipes, making them a viable option for confined spaces.

Installation Process

Another distinction between PVC and ABS pipes is how they are installed. The main tool needed for this installation is the suggested adhesive. ABS pipes are typically simpler to instal because the setup may be finished in a single step.

You must go through a two-step installation procedure when installing PVC. The joints must first have a primer fixer put to them. The suggested glue or solvent cement must be applied at the joints.

L & C Harding Plumbing can provide detailed information regarding the installation procedure, the time it can take based on the project size, and which pipes would be most durable for your home.


PVC and ABS pipes also differ because the former is more frequently utilised for outdoor purposes. Garden or drinking water pipes can be installed using PVC pipes. They are also employed in the installation of garden sprinklers. Because of this, they are designed to endure longer and be more resistant to the sun’s UV radiation.

The need to replace PVC pipes may not arise for many years. PVC pipes offer more robust fire accident defence because they are superior thermal insulators. If plumbing lines are close to electric wires, they are a good option.

ABC pipes also offer several benefits. Both above- and below-ground applications can use ABS pipes. When it comes to interior plumbing applications, they are the ideal option. A plumbing expert will tell you that they can handle most of your home’s typical plumbing requirements and are affordable and simple to install.

Deciding whether ABS or PVC pipes are better suited to your plumbing needs can be difficult. L & C Harding Plumbing’s skilled plumbers can do a quick inspection and assist you in making the right plumbing decisions. We will also handle all installation requirements at extremely reasonable prices. Contact us today!