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Get Your Commercial Plumbing Ready for the Holiday Season

12 December 2022

It’s the time of year when people catch up with family, gorge on their favourite cuisine, and enjoy their presents.  But is your commercial plumbing system ready for the holidays?

If you have more customers coming into your commercial property, your plumbing will have to handle more water than usual, your pipes will be under more pressure, and oily meals may find their way into drains and clog them. After the holidays, plumbers are frequently called to repair the harm caused by blocked commercial kitchen sinks, overloaded hot water systems, and broken drains. But by that time, the harm had already been done. Use the following ideas to prepare your commercial plumbing system for the holiday season.

Check Your Plumbing for Blockages

Spend five minutes inspecting your pipes for foul odours. Even if you can’t see what’s going on below the surface, foul odours may indicate clogged drains and organic build-up. Another warning sign that you may be dealing with obstructions is slow-draining pipes. It’s preferable to arrange a speedy service with your local commercial plumber if you discover a blockage or odour. After cleaning your pipes, you can relax knowing that your plumbing can accommodate the increased water demand, and your customers may take advantage of a well-earned food coma.

Keep the Leftovers in the Trash, Not the Drain

The holiday celebrations bring delicious food and wonderful company, but if the food ends up pouring down the drain, it could put additional strain on your pipes.  It’s tempting to wash a plate of leftover food down the drain by scraping it into the sink. However, excessive amounts of fat, grease, or oil in food can result in clogs that require pricey repairs. Even though the roast chicken on the platter tastes delicious, the hefty fats and oils can soon clog your pipes. Meat, starch, fruit, and flour are other substances that seriously endanger your pipes. Use a kitchen strainer as a straightforward fix. After washing your dishes, you only need to dispose of the leftover food in the trash or compost pile.

Inspect the Toilet

Over the holiday season, your toilet will need to be in excellent shape. A broken toilet will ruin any celebration, so schedule some time for a quick toilet checklist. Consider reminding guests what should and should not be flushed down the toilet if your toilet is in good shape. You can’t flush toilet tissue, baby wipes, or feminine products. Or, to schedule a quick fix if your toilet is running, call a leaking toilet service.

Keep a Plumber’s Contact on Hand

You can reduce the likelihood of a plumbing emergency by using the straightforward advice provided in this article, but the worst occasionally occurs. Having a plumber’s contact on hand can help you prevent a severe issue, whether a broken pipe, a hot water system failure or a toilet leaking on the floor.

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