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Know the Most Common Sources of Unpleasant Odour in Your Plumbing System

06 January 2022

The cleanliness and hygiene of commercial establishments are necessary to the successful flow of business operations. Consequently, any threat to its sanitation and hygiene can be detrimental to the health of workers and the condition of the business. That is why it is necessary to curb all issues, no matter how big or small, as soon as possible. Like for instance, the sewer odour. They must be nipped in the bud before it causes any further damages. And to resolve this, the root causes should be first identified. Below are the causes of sewer odour in commercial establishments.

Dried P-Traps in Uninhabited Areas

Large facilities may have sections that are no longer used or are sealed off. If there are drains in these areas that are still connected to the main sewage system, sewer gas can escape through the drains, and waft into the space. The p-traps in these drains (the curved section directly underneath the drain) will have dried out and removed a barrier from the movement of sewer gas. It is recommended to have plumbers seal up the pipes with cement.

Leaky Sewer Vents or Improperly Installed Vents

Sewer vents allow the build-up of sewer gas in the drainage system to rise and escape through the roof, balancing the pressure. If the leaks develop along the sewer vent pipes, it will allow the sewer gas to enter rooms through the walls. It requires plumbers to use leak detection methods to find the precise location of the leaks, so they can be accessed and sealed or repiped. If the drain vents are not installed correctly (the wrong pipe diameter, for example), poor venting will result in sewer gas rising from drains. Plumbers will need to replace the sewer vents with properly sized pipes.

Clogged Pumping Vents

Damage to the vents, animal nests, or storm damage may clog the vent openings. Such will push the sewer gas back down into the drainpipes and up through drains. You may notice a gurgling sound coming from drains; this indicates sewer gas percolating through the water barrier in the p-traps.

Clogged Sewer or Septic Lines

The sewer line or septic line of your facility uses a septic tank. It may become clogged with debris or tree root infiltration, leading to a backup in the line that will affect the whole building. The foul odour is often the first warning sign of a major issue. Professional sewer line cleaning or repair is necessary to fix this issue. In extreme cases, the sewer line may need to be replaced.

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