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Residential Building Maintenance Services in Melbourne: Why Property Managers Must Be Responsible

28 August 2020

A residential building is typically run and managed by a property manager. From the sale of its units down to its whole maintenance, all activities that revolve around the performance, security, repairs, and maintenance of the building fall onto the hands of the property manager.

Apartments, townhouses, duplexes, and some more other types of residential buildings here in Melbourne are typically designed to cater to the needs of their respective unit or room owners. However, problems with plumbing, carpentry, electrical system, and the overall structure of a property can still show up from time to time. Without a quick and thorough response from a property manager, these problems might ultimately push some unit owners to just look for another place to stay and live in.

Responsibilities of Property Managers

As the name implies, property managers are select professionals who are qualified to manage the overall operations of a given building. Part of their responsibilities is that they should assist property owners in deciding the right spot and unit that they should get. Property managers should also help preserve the overall physical and monetary value of their assigned residential building by arranging and calling in maintenance regularly and heeding the needs and requests of homeowners. The financial operations of the property must also be handled by property managers.

The performance of property managers is evaluated based on the status and condition of their handled and assigned properties. If their building is occupied with a lot of qualified tenants, then their marketing style is truly working. Additionally, if a lot of unit owners of their residential building have not moved for a long time, then it is a clear indication that the property manager has certainly done well with their owner relations. Resolving issues and concerns with homeowners can be overwhelming at times, but good property managers know the implications that they will receive if they either solve or ignore them.

Attending to the Needs of the Tenants

One of the key responsibilities of property managers is that they should attend to the needs of the tenants or unit owners. Most of the time, tenants would just call their property managers if they have noticed or encountered issues about their respective units or home. One of the most common issues that tenants might encounter is the presence of faulty doors, damaged plaster, or any other defective building parts. A responsible property manager would immediately seek the help of professionals so that all damages will be resolved, and at the same time, overall building inspection and maintenance will be carried out.

Another issue that is common among residential buildings is the presence of plumbing issues. The input of water flow and the output needed for the waste material must all be functional to avoid any issue revolving around them. If a unit owner notices bad water odour, dirty water stains, dripping taps, slow drains, low water pressure, and many more, then the property manager should call in professionals immediately so that these concerns can be resolved quickly.

Property managers must carry out crucial responsibilities that will entirely consider the welfare of their unit owners and tenants. If there are concerns about a specific unit, they must see to it that they are acknowledged and resolved quickly to avoid causing more problems.