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Roofing Installation: Your Basic Guide to Choosing the Right Roofers for the Job

27 April 2020

Finding reliable roofers is proven to be a little difficult since you have to put your trust on the roofing quality for several years. Putting contractors through a rigorous screening process before placing them in the search can be deemed as acceptable since you are only after what’s best for your home. Browsing through reviews can create a powerful incentive for contractors to meet and exceed your expectations. Of course, there is no magic wand, and you can probably find all this information on your own. Instead, you could save time by reading through a basic guide to choosing the right roofers for the job.

Talk to Several Contractors

You should talk to several roofing companies so you can gauge an honest and reasonable price range. Interview at least three professionals before you make a hiring decision. Compare the bids, but remember that price is just one part of the project. Be wary of any remarkably low or excessively high bids. You probably don’t want to make your decision on a couple hundred dollars for a project that costs several thousand dollars. You will need to choose a material and style before you get a total price.

Research Credentials

Besides getting a few bids from pros, it’s important that you research the contractor you choose. Reputable contractors should be licensed and willing to prove it. Licensing and insurance requirements vary by state, so it’s wise to look into your state’s laws in advance.

Check References and Experience

Ask each roofing company for three references verifying their work and follow up on them. This gives you a chance to see how they operate. If your pro hesitates or refuses to share references, keep looking. Plan to hire someone with experience working in your chosen material. A skilled pro will complete your job on time, to code and without mistakes. Hiring an inexperienced pro to save money can lead to additional repairs, extended deadlines and inaccurate pricing.

Review the Contract and Warranties Closely

Read every contract carefully before signing. Professional contractors won’t be annoyed by you taking the time to understand the terms of your agreement. Most will be happy to sit down with you and explain parts you don’t understand. Make sure you understand the warranty that comes with your new roof. It’s important to have follow-up support in case of an emergency. All materials and workmanship should be guaranteed for at least 5 years. The material itself ought to come with a 20-to-40-year warranty.

Material warranties are more common than contractor work guarantees. If your pro doesn’t offer a work guarantee, don’t worry — they could still be trustworthy. Ask your professional about other ways to keep the roof safe.

Avoid Wet Seasons

Try to avoid scheduling your job during rainy or snowy seasons. Walking on a roof while it’s wet or icy presents a safety hazard and makes it harder to complete. Most pros will help you find the best time to begin your project.

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