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Signs that Call for Commercial Plumbing Repairs

28 February 2020

Commercial plumbing issues can be detrimental to the condition of your business since it can affect in its entirety, depending on the kind of issue and its severity. However, as an owner of a commercial property, you must know not to wait for issues to get severe before you act upon it. You should be aware of the signs that call for commercial plumbing repairs and nip it in the bud as early as you find them.

Water Pressure Drop

Dropping water pressure is not a good sign, no matter where it happens in your plumbing system. If you have noticeably dropping water pressure anywhere in your commercial plumbing, it could mean you’re dealing with a leak or a blockage. It could also mean you have limescale building up in the system, restricting the flow of water throughout the entire pipe network. If you know that hard water is an issue in your area, we highly recommend that you talk to a professional about addressing it before things get that far.

Frequent Backups

If you have clogs or backups occurring on a regular basis in your drain and sewer system, it might mean that you have a more serious issue located further in. That kind of issue can be due to bellying, where moving soil causes part of the sewer line to warp and interfere with the flow. It can also be due to limescale, or other kinds of waste buildup in the pipes. You’ll need a technician to examine the problem for you to tell for certain, but we recommend that you do it sooner rather than later.

Unusually High Water Bills

You should always be keeping an eye on your monthly water bills, and call for repairs if you notice them rising faster than you think they should be. High water bills can be the result of leaks in the system, which can waste a surprising amount of water without you even realizing it until you see the effect on your bills. Better to have a technician check out the system for you, just to make sure that it’s not the cause of any unexplained spikes in water costs.

Water Damage Signs

Finding water damaged areas around your property? Call a plumber as soon as you can to take a look at it. There are plenty of plumbing issues, like pinhole leaks, that can spend months rotting out the surrounding area without ever being noticed until they manage to do quite a bit of damage. Make sure that you have the area checked out as soon as possible, so that the root cause of the damage can be found and fixed before it gets any worse.

If you see any of these signs in your commercial property, do not hesitate to call LC Harding Plumbing. We are known to work with some of Melbourne’s largest companies as a licensed and registered Master Plumber for complete Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Services. We are known for our versatility and we can assist with a diverse range of services with our team of qualified licensed and insured tradesmen.