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What are the Benefits of Copper Plumbing for Your Residential or Commercial Needs?

29 April 2021

The advantages of copper plumbing are countless. If you compare copper plumbing to that of galvanized steel or PVC pipes you will find that copper plumbing actually offers a more significant advantage. Copper plumbing is just more durable than its predecessors. Copper plumbing is also far easier to install as well as flexible, and it is safer if you find your home has been involved in a natural disaster.

What many people don’t know about copper plumbing is that not only is it competitively priced, but it actually is far more bacteria resistant. Homeowners prefer copper plumbing to the alternative, because it adds value to any home.

Benefits of Copper Plumbing for Your Residential or Commercial Needs

With copper being a soft metal it also offers many advantages over metallic plumbing. It offers you options on thickness, yet it is still thinner than a metallic pipe would be. Since it also bends installation is so much easier. Copper piping also means less fasteners or connectors that you have to deal with. Less hardware means less money spent.

When you use copper plumbing you can rest assured that you are getting a safe and clean water supply. Galvanized pipes actually can harm you in the long run, but with copper plumbing you never have to worry about lead in being an issue. You also don’t have to worry about the growth of harmful bacteria, acidic water or contamination from ultraviolet rays. So, yes, you can use copper piping outside for your sprinkler systems without worrying.

In the event of a natural disaster like a fire, earthquake or tornado etc., toxic gases will not be released. You never have to worry about copper pipe burning, and temperature variation does not affect copper piping as it would affect other plumbing. Because of their flexibility they can actually flex during something like an earthquake. Leaks are rare, and this means so is maintenance. However, there are many universal fitting that come in several different sizes making repair easy and affordable.

Copper pipes are not excluded from busting shall they become frozen. Should this happen you should contact a plumber immediately. Water damage is a serious issue that can lead to far bigger trouble. With copper plumbing you know your repairs are going to be more affordable, and that means a lot at the end of the day. This is definitely the most economic investment that you can make. In most cases it is backed by an extensive warranty. It is also recyclable so it is environmentally friendly where its competition is not. In a nutshell, copper plumbing just makes sense.