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Why Property Owners Should Maintain Their Buildings?

11 February 2021

Property owners and managers, especially those who handle commercial and residential buildings, have the responsibility of keeping their properties functional and safe. They are also obliged to keep them attractive and appealing so that occupants will not feel any doubts and worries about the true status or condition of their places. After all, the overall value of buildings relies heavily on the number of people who rent or buy their respective spaces or rooms.

And for them to effectively preserve the overall value of their buildings, they must ensure that their properties are maintained regularly. From electrical repairs to the simplest cleaning of areas, all necessary activities must be conducted to keep the buildings in their tip-top shapes.

Building maintenance must be done by property owners regularly as it can provide the following benefits.

Prolonged Building’s Life

One notable benefit of regular building maintenance is that it can effectively preserve the overall condition of a building. Even with durable materials, buildings are still expected to deteriorate slowly over time. And without regular maintenance, their deterioration rate might become much faster compared to heavily maintained buildings. Subjecting a building under regular maintenance allows its materials and components to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced whenever necessary. Maintenance can also protect the building from damaging elements such as moisture, heat, dirt, dust, and mould.

Warranted Public Safety

Property owners, especially those who own and manage public buildings, must ensure that their occupants will not leave them abruptly just because of poor maintenance. Disregarding all the issues that surround a specific building will only expose occupants and other people to serious risks. Accumulation of mould can be dangerous for some people’s health, while broken electrical fixtures can cause property fires and even electrocutions. All possible threats, risks, and dangers that can be found in a building must be addressed and fixed right away to ensure the safety of occupants and the public.

Conserved Energy Use

Another benefit of regular building maintenance is that it can significantly help a property use an appropriate amount of energy. Maintaining the overall condition of rooms and areas can keep HVAC, plumbing, and other systems to work optimally according to their recommended operations. They do not have to consume a lot of energy just to compensate on the needed heating, cooling, or other functions just because of a deteriorating part or component of a property. And as these systems become energy-efficient, they are expected to lower the overall carbon footprint of a building.

Preserved Time and Money

Aside from conserving energy, building maintenance can also preserve a huge amount of time and money. Without regular inspection and necessary repairs, property owners must spend a lot of these mentioned resources just to fix them. Repairs that are only done once a specific part or component has failed are not optimal since they are often not part of the intended budget. Emergency repairs likewise often cost a lot more compared to regular, routine maintenance. Property occupants can also expect numerous interruptions on their activities as the need for unnecessary repairs will become more frequent.

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